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Application of energy consumption system in chain catering industry in Malaysia

1.背景信息 Background


Aiming at the problems of high energy consumption and unreasonable energy management in the chain catering industry, information technologies such as computer network technology, communication technology and measurement and control technology are used to realize the function of energy resource classification and sub-metering and energy resource operation supervision, and clearly describe the overall energy use status of each branch.

Real-time monitoring of the voltage, current, power and other power parameters of each power supply circuit to identify the effective load and invalid energy consumption, so as to achieve effective energy-saving through technology.

2.项目信息 Project Information

本项目为Abbaco Controls Sdn Bhd针对本地连锁餐饮业50个分店,共200个用电回路进行能耗信息采集,希望通过安科瑞能耗系统解决基础能耗数据的智能化、自动化、可视化、可量化的收集与存储,从而降低能源使用费用。

This project is designed for Abbaco Controls Sdn Bhd to collect energy consumption information for a total of 200 electrical circuits in 50 branches of the local chain catering industry. It hopes to solve the intelligent, automatic, visual and quantifiable collection and storage of basic energy consumption data through Acrel Energy Consumption system, so as to reduce the energy use cost.

3.系统架构 Structure


Acrel-5000 energy consumption analysis and management system takes workstation host machine, communication equipment and measurement and control unit as basic tools, and provides a basic platform for real-time data collection and remote management of large public buildings. It can transmit data with other building automation systems to form a complex monitoring system.

The energy consumption system mainly adopts the layered distributed computer network structure, as follows:


4.主要功能 Main Function

4.1能耗综合主界面 Platform Overview


The main interface of the system can reflect the energy consumption of each branch and the comprehensive energy consumption converted into standard coal, and calculate the energy consumption per unit area.


4.2分项用电数据统计 Itemized electricity consumption data statistics


The system makes hourly, daily, month-by-month and year-by-year statistics of power consumption.The statistical data are presented by pie chart, bar chart, line chart, area chart and other graphics, which can directly reflect the value, trend and distribution of various statistical data.


4.3用电支路趋势分析 Trend analysis of branch circuit 


Make statistics on the power consumption of each region and equipment, accurately locate the power consumption circuit, formulate the performance appraisal system of energy conservation, and promote the effective implementation of energy conservation and consumption reduction.

In order to establish operation record files for energy-using equipment, track and record the energy efficiency analysis and evaluation results in the operation process of the equipment for a long time, and provide basis for the operation and maintenance of the equipment in combination with the equipment maintenance record.


4.4能耗数据同环比分析 Comparative analysis of energy consumption data


The energy consumption of various types and major energy-consuming equipment was analyzed on a year-on-year basis with the values of the same period last year and the values of the last month, and the energy-saving effect was tested. According to the analysis results, the energy-saving performance assessment was carried out and the energy-saving target was revised.


4.5能耗数据分时统计 Time-division statistics of energy consumption data


Classify the energy type, load type and regional energy consumption according to time, and compare and analyze the energy data on time, day, month, year, working day and non-working day, so as to grasp the specific energy consumption.Peak, level and valley can be set in the time period of daily energy use, and energy consumption of each period can be counted to reduce energy consumption in idle time.


4.6电能数据实时监测和预警 Real-time monitoring and early warning of electric power data


Automatic real-time and high-density real-time energy-using monitoring can be realized by high-precision intelligent instrument with technical means to reduce the measurement error of energy-using.

Monitor the back data of the field instruments in real time, control and warn the electric energy reasonably, find and correct the abnormal electricity in the operation in time, and deal with it at any time.

The warning value of exceeding the standard of important equipment is set as required. When exceeding the standard, it should be reminded and recorded actively.

5.项目小结 Project summary


Application of energy management system can not only reduce the workload of relevant personnel, improve the work efficiency, and statistical analysis of intuitive results can help managers more effectively according to the energy consumption of the energy loss situation, the analysis properly, to improve the utilization rate of public building energy consumption system, realize the functions of the system of building energy consumption is of great significance.

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